Until a few years ago, despite our island being surrounded by so much marine life, it was not easy to source and enjoy when we wanted the delicacies and nutrients that fish and shellfish offered us.

Aware of the need for consumers to incorporate fish into their daily diet and aware of its health benefits, in 1984 we decided to create Marisquería Atlántica with the sole intention of becoming distributors. We opened the first wholesale fish market offering a large variety of fresh seafood.

We joined forces with the best suppliers offering premium products worldwide. Today, thanks to the quality and freshness of our seafood, coupled with our distribution service, we continue to contribute to the improvement of gastronomy in Puerto Rico, providing chefs with the opportunity to serve your diners a greater variety of dishes with the flavors they deserve.

Taking into account the Puerto Rican palate and receiving increasing acceptance of our products, in 1986 we decided to establish a small restaurant in Isla Verde.

Our customer’s patronage did not wait, by 1995 we inaugurated our current facilities, with the intention of offering greater comfort to you, our customers.

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